PC Revolution – Technology for Everyone.

Bringing you affordable, high-quality and versatile student tablets for the classroom, the office and at home.

PC Revolution is dedicated to partnering with parents and schools to ensure that students are well supported for their technology needs.

For school life today, every student needs their own device – both in the classroom and at home. But how do you know what one to choose?

PC Revolution have created student tablets that bring together the best of both worlds – value for money at an affordable price, and top performance for everything a student needs.

In their hunt for the best tablet to meet the needs of their own school-aged children, PC Revolution directors couldn’t find a device with the right balance of value and performance in the products already in the market.

They realised that there needed to be a new option that gave parents and teachers the peace of mind that they had bought a tool that was going to deliver everything their student needed for education, without breaking the bank.

Using their global business contacts, they identified a company that has been building tablets for well-recognised brands for over 12 years, and was happy to manufacture tablets to their exact specifications.

None of PC Revolution’s products are off-the-shelf or standard. Much care has been taken to ensure that their products meet the needs of students. Both the 8” and 10” tablets come with Office 365, Windows 8.1 and detachable keyboards as standard. The combination of a tablet with a keyboard, as well as the flexibility to connect it to an external monitor, means that students have one device that serves multiple purposes, and removes the need for a secondary device such as a desktop PC or laptop.

During the researching of the Tablet/Education market, they discovered a number of other product needs. As well as the products already available for purchase, PC Revolution has many more prototypes under development.

PC Revolution is committed to improving access to education technologies and committed to reinvesting profits back into the education sector.

Better education builds the platform for a better future.

Director, E. D. Hatch.

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