Technology is now a central part of learning in our children’s classrooms. School supply lists are no longer limited to paper, books and pens – but more often, now also include either an optional or compulsory tablet, laptop or smart device.

PC Revolution is a company that was started by parents who couldn’t find a student tablet that was both a high-quality learning tool and great value for money. Fast forward to now, and PC Revolution is a company working with schools across New Zealand and Australia to help implement and support their BYOD programmes.

“90% of students of all ages say that tablets help them study more efficiently”


In June 2015, PC Revolution exhibited their range of tablets at Edutech – Australia’s largest education technology showcase. They spoke with educators from across Australasia about BYOD and gained insight into what makes PC Revolution tablets a great part of this system.

Highlights from Edutech 2015

What is BYOD?

BYOD (Bringing Your Own Device) is the name given to programs that allow students, teachers and faculty to use personal devices on school networks.


Why is it a good idea?

Schools have limited budgets, and many different needs to spread the finances across. In the modern classroom, technology is a powerful tool for learning, so asking parents to supply a device is a responsible way for educators to deal with the technology needs in schools.

Also, using technology together is  a great way for parents to engage with their children’s education. When done properly, the benefit of BYOD is a community involved in education. The BYOD tablets or other devices are not just limited to use in the classroom, but are brought home to use with parents. You end up with a scenario where the parent is teaching the child, and the child is teaching the parent.


Why choose PC Revolution tablets for your children?

PCR tablets are truly PCs in tablet form. They run on Windows and Microsoft, systems that are usually very familiar to parents, and also full of powerful tools that are widely used throughout the education system. They are affordable, but also not just a toy. In the market at the moment, tablets tend to be looked at as an entertainment item. PCR ensured that the primary focus of their tablets is education and function.

PCR didn’t want to just make a hardware and sell it to the schools then wipe their hands of it. They want to be involved with educating parents on how they can be involved in their kids education and keeping their kids safe on the internet.
Another key reason why PC Revolution decided to run with Microsoft as an operating system was because of the Parental Control options. There are a great range of parental controls that vary depending on the age of your children. Click here to read more about these features.

BYOD is a community thing! Contact Eddie and see how education can step up in this technological age.

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