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OneNote in education

Schoolwork includes a lot of information, and OneNote helps you, your students, and your teachers capture it all, on all your devices. With it, everyone can stay organized, share lessons, work together, and even spark their creativity. While inspiration can come from anywhere, it should all end up in OneNote.

Inspires your students’ creativity - OneNote - PC Revolution

Inspires your students’ creativity

Set your students’ creativity free by giving them the tools they need to work the way they want to. If they like to type, OneNote handles text, checklists, tables, attachments, and links with ease. And if they like to hand-write notes and sketch diagrams, it turns handwriting into typed text automatically. They can even write anywhere on the page—just like on paper—without worrying about the layout.

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Classroom collaboration with PCR

Enables real-time class collaboration

Give your teachers and students an easy way to collaborate. In OneNote Class Notebook, students can ask for help, and teachers can give their support—directly in the student’s private notebook. And the notebook’s collaboration space encourages students to work together as the teacher provides real-time coaching.

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OneNote helps teachers stay organised with PC Revolution

Helps your teachers stay organized

Make your teachers’ jobs easier by giving them the tools they need to stay organized. In OneNote, they can organize their lesson plans and course content in searchable digital notebooks. Each has a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities. And they can be viewed from any device, online or offline.

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OneNote Encourages Staff Collaboration

Facilitates staff collaboration

Provide a central place for administration with OneNote Staff Notebooks. Like OneNote Class Notebooks, they offer a personal workspace for every teacher and staff member, a content library for shared information, and a space where everyone can work together—all in one digital notebook. There your team can share lesson plans, capture meeting and classroom observation notes, find professional development opportunities, and more.

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