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Children's (3-7) Blue Light Filter Glasses


Protect your children's eyes from the harmful effects of Blue Light with Blue Light Filter Glasses.

Protective Blue light lenses have a special Opthalmic protective coating designed to reflect and cut blue light penetration. Sources of harmful blue light include some electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smart phones, TVs, fluorescent lighting/LED lighting and the sun. Ideal for indoor office use and in low light or at night.   Available in six different colours – black, white, pink, blue, grey and red – and in three different sizes – Children’s (3 – 7 years), Tweenies (7 – 16 years) and Adults (16 years plus). HARMFUL EFFECTS OF BLUE LIGHT

  • Disrupts sleep patterns
  • Can cause blurry vision, dry eyes and headaches
  • May cause damage that can cause changes similar to molecular degeneration and can can lead to vision deterioration.

Children's (3-7) Blue Light Filter Glasses

Children's (3-7) Blue Light Filter Glasses Specifications

Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Red, White