The origins of PC Revolution

How It All Began

As parents of four children we had been on the hunt for a Tablet that met our needs, and the needs of our children’s education.

We failed to find what we wanted on the market so we found a company that has been building tablets for 12 years and were happy to manufacture to our specifications.

Even though I love Mac Hardware and I like Android Systems, my children are most likely to be using Microsoft Software when they enter the work force. Microsoft still make the best Productivity Software on the market.

So with that in mind, we started PC Revolution and had these tablets made to our specifications.

What began as a project to improve our lives, has grown to benefit many more – as family, friends and principals started asking to buy them as well.

We started the company with two products – the 8” and 10” tablets – both of which come with a detachable Keyboard, Office 360 and Windows 8.1.

More exciting products are currently in development and will be announced as they are ready. To be the first to get this information, please join our mailing list.