Tips for parents on how to manage internet safety for your kids - PC Revolution

Do you really know what your kids are looking at?

Have a read of Nancy’s first column for Channel Magazine where she discusses how parents can keep their kids safe online.

Tablets may be considered the new form of “child’s play” but these days everyone is using computers and the internet more and more. Keeping kids busy while you get things done by handing them a tablet is all very well but what are they watching?  What can they access when you are not looking?  Is it age appropriate?  Do you really want them on that website?

PC Revolution is a New Zealand owned and operated company initially starting in the education sector, purpose building tablets for kids to use both at home and school.  Having four children of our own we were facing the task of deciding which device on the market would be best for our kids.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was all a bit overwhelming for me and all I really wanted to know was;

Are the kids safe on it whether at home or school?

– Read the full Channel Magazine article here –

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