Technology and PC Revolution

The Thinking behind the Decision

To all the Principals that have worked with us and given us advice we are appreciate your input.


Schools up and down the country are working toward an “Ideal”. There is a thinking through the Governing bodies that Schools should be able to provide free internet access to all of their students. This is a great “ideal” and goal but what to do in the meantime as there are many more important running costs to be taken care of. The dilemma is technology is moving on. And fast.


It is rumoured in the Industry that Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and others are working toward scrapping Laptops as micronization improves. Also Cloud technologies are on the rise. The security and simplicity they offer is excellent.


The “across” or “integration” they offer over all Operation Systems is outstanding.

So where does this leave schools? This may come as a bit of a radical thought, but consider this:


A student can bring any device to school, Apple, Android and Windows. To a school with no internet. Use them to learn to write, use them for art, use for math, etc. When they get home the student then can upload their work to a Cloud the School has chosen to work with. The teacher then downloads the file and mark their work.


This means the School’s network is safe from student hacking and viruses brought to school in the case of BYOD. This means the school can begin to educate the children how to use Technology for productivity without the distractions of internet “pop-ups”.


To start this transition doesn’t have to be an expense to schools, it just takes a different approach.


This is the reason we are making Tablets with very large memories and a variety of Ports. Freedom.


You don’t need to use Cloud or internet. It becomes a conveyance to be connected to the internet not a necessity.