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Trying to Decide Between a Tablet or an e-reader? Why Not Buy a Device that Does Both?

Tablets and e-readers have revolutionised the way we consume information on the go – for pleasure, work or study. Included in this is the way that we read books


Sometimes nothing beats a good old fashion paper and card book. But there are times when having hundreds of titles at your fingertips (for less than the size of a small-town New Zealand phone book) is invaluable!

On PC Revolution tablets, you are able to download Kindle for Windows and turn your tablet into a convenient e-reader. There are over a million books available through the Kindle app – a mix of free and paid titles.  You can use it to read books, magazines or newspapers.

Still not sure?

It is important to remember that e-readers are single-purpose devices. Tablets on the other hand are multi-purpose devices. On a tablet not only are you able to conveniently read books, but you can use it for many other purposes as well, such as emails, social media, word processing, web browsing, video, games and more!

One thing to bear in mind is if you are wanting to truly get lost in your book – notifications popping up (from social media, new emails) can be seriously distracting!

To help give you distraction free reading, turn your tablet to airplane mode before reading your book.

You can check out the tablets we have available in our PC Revolution shop. The PCR 10″ Tablet is our most popular device, but the PCR 8″ Tablet has all the same functionality, but at a slightly smaller size and cheaper cost which some people prefer.



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