What To Consider When Choosing A Tablet To Buy

Tablet Buying Guide: What To Consider When Choosing A Tablet

If you are thinking about buying a tablet, then there are some important things to look at before making your final decision. 



There are three major operating systems –Windows, IOS (Apple) and Android. IOS is the same operating system that is used on Apple phones, and Android is the same as is used on Android phones – so you may already be familiar with these through your mobile phone. There are also Windows phones, but the most common place people will have become familiar with the Windows  operating system is on their PC.

Windows is by far the most powerful operating system available for tablets today. It is the full version of Windows that people have been using on PCs for decades, but the latest version was modified by Microsoft for touchscreen-based devices. IOS is limited to Apple devices (so you are required to buy an Apple prodict to use IOS), whereas a number of different companies offer Windows and  Android operating systems, providing the consumer with far more choice, abnd a varying price range.

If you are familiar and comfortable with Windows on your PC, this can make it a natural choice to go with a Windows Tablet. PCR Tablets run on Windows 8.



You will find that most Windows and Android tablets offer expandable storage. Adding more space with a micro-SD card is a simple and affordable way to increase the storage capabilities of your tablet.

Apple do not allow you to add storage to your tablet, so this is something to think carefully about, because there is nothing worse than your tablet becoming difficult to use because you have run out of space. If you are downloading music and movies, a smaller hard drive such as 16GB can fill up extremely quickly!

The PCR 10” tablet comes with a huge 128GB of storage and the PCR 8” tablet comes with a generous 64GB.



This is something important to consider when buying a tablet – as it will affect the size and weight of the tablet. Some questions to consider are: do you want to be able to carry it around with you? If so, what size would comfortably fit in your bag? Or are you primarily wanting to use it at home? If you are wanting your tablet to replace a laptop, it would be best to go with a larger option, with a detachable keyboard, so you have a larger working area and increased usability.

Generally tablets vary in size from seven inches up to 12 inches (measured by the diagonal of the screen size). PCR tablets sit nicely in the middle of that range, offering an 8” and a 10” option.  If size is an important factor for you, it can be a good idea to go into a shop and pick up a few tablets to get an idea of what feels right to you.



Some tablets either come with a detachable keyboard, or one can be purchased for an additional cost to go with the tablet. This really extends the functionality of the tablet. If you intend on doing any work, or writing emails, on your tablet these are very valuable additions. They transform the tablet into a laptop – and you can extend their usability even further. By connecting a mouse, you have full PC-style functionality!

Both of the PCR tablets come with detachable keyboards included. There are also a range of other accessories available such as a docking station which allows you to connect your device to a complete workstation – including dual monitors, a mouse, keyboard, printer and other peripherals you may need to connect with by simply docking your tablet.



Finally you should compare all of each tablet’s specifications against the cost of the tablet to see which tablet is the best value for money, and suits your budget.

The PCR 10” tablet punches far beyond its weight, it costs a similar amount to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 but boasts far better specs,  and it is far cheaper that the Microsoft Surface 3, with very comparable features and specifications.



Want to find out more? Visit our Shop to see the tablets we have available, and make sure you watch the videos on the product pages to give you more information about how you can use our PCR Tablets.