PCR Touch - Microsoft App

PRODUCT RELEASE: PCR Touch – An alternative one-handed keyboard for Windows

PC Revolution are excited to announce that we have launched our first app on the Microsoft App Store – PCR Touch


PCR Touch is a simple and innovative form of one-handed typing!

PC Revolution director and PCR Touch creator Eddie Hatch says the app has been many years in the making.

“I’ve been looking at a design for an alternative keyboard for seven years. I started working at it because of the inefficiencies I saw in the regular keyboards.

“With the progression of technology and touch screens over the past few years, we’ve been able to challenge the norm.”

Through research and development, we believe we’ve come up with a true alternative to the current keyboard options that exist on touch screen devices.

The design and functionality is loosely based on the Dvorak Keyboard and can be used either right or left handed. It is designed to be best used with your tablet in “portrait” mode. Runs on Windows 8.1 and 10.

Click HERE to view a video on how to use the keyboard and check out some screen shots below of the keyboard in use:

PCR Touch - Microsoft App


PCR Touch - Microsoft App


PCR Touch - Microsoft App