PC Revolution in the office environment

PC Revolution – At Home in the Office

Even though PCR started to address needs in the Education sector – PC Revolution tablets are just as much at home in an office environment as much as in the classroom.

All of the features that make them excellent for student use qualify to make them awesome tools for the workplace.

Having a hybrid laptop/tablet device means that their computer is extremely versatile. Detach it from the keyboard and you have a very portable, useful tool for presentations and meetings. Attach it back onto the keyboard and stand – and you have a much more efficient way to enter data into the device.

At the desk – connect it to one of our docking stations and you can add a monitor and separate keyboard and you have full desktop PC usability – better for your employees health – rather than spending any extended period of time bent over a laptop.

Windows 8.1
128GB Storage
2GB Ram
Front and Rear Cameras
Microsoft Productivity Software – Office 365
A Detachable Keyboard & Cover
Audio Out Port
Micro SD-Card Expansion
WIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n
Mini Display Port
Micro USB

The keyboard is included in the purchase price, and acts as a cover – so you do not need to spend additional money on those added extras.

The PCR 10” Tablet comes with an impressive 128GB of storage, and you can extend that further through a micro SD card.

The team at PCR would love to talk to you more about how PC Revolution can work for your company. Ask about customising the tablets with your company logo!