Top Websites for Christmas Shopping

5 Websites To Make Present Shopping Easier

Christmas is coming! And with it that last minute buying frenzy. We’ve rounded up five different websites and apps that can help make your Christmas Shopping easier, and help you get it done form the comfort of your sofa – no queues, no Christmas music on repeat and no stress. We’ve also included one that can help you buy the perfect gift – the one the receiver actually wants!



Amazon is a treasure trove of online shopping – selling everything from selfie sticks & soft toys to electronics & power tools. It may be getting a bit late to rely on getting items shipped to Australasia in time for Christmas, but this is a fantastic option for gift buying all year around. One thing to watch out for is excessive shipping prices from international merchants, so it can be best to only buy from Amazon who have low shipping rates. In the left hand column click Amazon in the seller box to make sure you are only seeing items sold and shipped by Amazon.

Amazon is also available in a handy Windows app.

Amazon online shopping



If you are looking for something a bit less commercial – then Etsy is for you. Focusing on “handmade, vintage and creative”  products, there is always something a little bit special and different from what you would find at the mall or other online stores. Check where the item is being shipped from – as if it is overseas you might be cutting if fine for Christmas.

Etsy is also available in a handy Windows app.

etsy Online shopping




Sick of giving (or getting) socks for Christmas? Wisp is a website that allows you to pull together wishlists from all over the internet! You create an account on Wisp (Facebook login is the best for this as it can then it can hook you up with friends already using the system), create your Wishlists (ie: Christmas, Birthday), install a plugin or bookmarklet onto your web browser, then as you browse the internet, you can add items that you like to your Wisp Wishlist, and then share that list with your friends and family – letting them know exactly what you want for Christmas. Get your loved ones to create their own lists then you will know exactly what to buy them!

wisp online shopping - wishlists made easy



If you haven’t heard of AliExpress yet, then you have been missing out! AliExpress is an online marketplace where you can buy pretty much anything. The problem with that is – it can be difficult to trawl through everything to find just the right thing… The guys at Thieve have fixed that problem by curating the best of the products available on line and put them all in one place. See beautiful products at ridiculously great prices, with free or low shipping costs.

Thieve online shopping



Trade Me

Trade Me gives great options for buying either new or pre-loved items. The awesome thing about this site is you can buy something completely unique by searching through people’s previously owned treasures; they might be antique, vintage, or just no longer available for purchase anywhere else! Do remember to check where the seller is located though, as there are now merchants from all around the world selling their items on the website.


Trade Me Shopping



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