keep the kids entertained these school holidays with windows apps

4 Great Windows Apps to Entertain The Kids

School holidays mean plenty of action for the kids, and not much quiet for Mum and Dad! It can also mean long car rides or plane trips, and one great weapon in the fight against boredom is your Windows tablet! Check out this list of five brilliant Windows Apps that will give you a few minutes peace and quiet.

1. DreamWorks Dragons Adventure World Explorer

keep the kids entertained these school holidays with windows apps

This app was specifically designed for kids to use while travelling. They will help Hiccup and Toothless rescue captured dragons from evil dragon trappers by completing quests around the globe, then soar over familiar landmarks and roads in your own neighborhood by taking the game on the go (using Nokia’s Here Maps).

Price: Free

2. Connect The Dots – Dinosaurs

Best Windows apps to keep the kids entertained

Who doesn’t love connect the dots? And this app takes the fun from the paper to the screen with great dinosaur images! The app has realistic images and sounds make for a Jurassic exploration. Suitable for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and early school age kids through to those young at heart – this educational game will help your kids learn the names of dinosaurs as they explore by using numbers and letters of the alphabet.

Price: Free

3. Preschool Games

Kids apps for Windows 8

This app is designed for kids aged 3-6, to foster their learning, imagination and free play. It includes 11  games, such as Match the Shadows, Jigsaw puzzles, Spot the differences, Memory games, Scratch Paint, Solve the Maze and more. What makes this app great is that so many different types of games all within the same app – so it means there is plenty for your kids to choose from without leaving the one app.

Price: Free

4. Paint 4 kids

Nest paint app to keep kids happy

This is a simple app for painting (without the mess!) Help your child to select one of the available drawings , then there are different modes for colouring depending on your child’s age; fill a shape with a single tap, move fingers to fill a shape or free drawing. The completed paintings can then be saved, shared and printed.

Price: Free



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