Play Full Minecraft PC version on PC Revolution Tablets

Play The Full Desktop Version Of Minecraft With PC Revolution Tablets

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time – and when you talk to people who play the game you can understand why; there is adventure, creativity, drama, multi-player and you can let your imagination run wild!

The original Minecraft game was created for desktop computers, and the desktop version is still the most sophisticated, comprehensive and popular version of the game.
One of the great advantages of PC Revolution tablets is that you can play the full desktop version of Minecraft on our tablets!

Many other tablets (such as Apple tablets or Android tablets) require that you download Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) – the mobile version of the game. Minecraft PC (the full desktop version) has additional features that the Minecraft PE does not have.

The only additional thing that you will need to play the PC version of Minecraft on our tablets is a mouse.





In last week’s blog post we talked about how to manage technology use in the home, and balance your child’s life by ensuring they don’t spend too much time online. One positive thing with some games, like Minecraft, is that there is a strong social aspect.

In Minecraft, you can invite friends to your ‘world’ and play together. So even though your child may not physically be in the same room as his friends, he is interacting with them and forming bonds that exist outside of the game, as well as online.

In an article published by Psychology Today, it declared that Minecraft actually builds social skills! (Yes you read that right – BUILDS social skills.) If you are wondering about the positive effects Minecraft can have on your children – check out the full article here.

If you would like to know more about Minecraft in general; how to play it and what it is all about, you can read a great article here.


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